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Now that the abstracts have been reviewed, we have made our decisions on oral/paper presentations versus poster presentations

Oral/paper presentations

Poster presentations

  • Please could you send us a 1 page abstract as either a MS Word document or TeX file.
  • Although you have already submitted abstracts, many are long and/or multiple pages, include figures and also in pdf format. To set out the whole proceedings booklet in the same format we would be grateful for 1 page abstract in the format given in one the following templates. Choose either word or LaTeX, whichever is easiest for you.
  • MS Word: here is a template for the final abstract.
  • LaTeX: here is the template. Very Important: do not send us a dvi or pdf paper but the TeX file.
  • Please email your word document or TeX file to Carl Anderson (carl@isye.gatech.edu)
  • Deadline: 15th October 2003

Any questions? Email the organizers: Carl and Tucker