Workshop Schedule

13:00 Related talk on campus
    Maja Mataric
    Coordination & Learning in Complex Robot Domains: Teams, Humanoids, and People
    Location: TSRB 5th floor commmons
17:00-19:00 Registration at Georgian Terrace Hotel
18:00-21:00 Welcome reception Hot snacks and cash bar at the Georgian Terrace Hotel

08:00 Registration: Coffee and conversation at TSRB
08:30 Welcome by Tucker & Carl
08:40 Invited speaker
    Ronald Arkin
    Biologically inspired robot behavior
09:45 Presentations: Biologically inspired robotics and algorithms
    F. Kluegl & C. Triebig
    Studying task allocation mechanisms of social insects for engineering multi-agent systems

    S. Nakrani & C. Tovey
    On honey bees and dynamic allocation in an internet server colony

    D. Palmer, M. Kirschenbaum, R. Quinn
    Development of collective control architecutures for small quadruped robots based on human swarming behavior

10:45 Break: Coffee with assorted carbohydrates
11:00 Presentations: Social robot behavior I
    C. Jones & M. Mataric
    Towards a multi-robot coordination formalism

    K. Lerman & A. Galstyan
    A model for adaptation in collaborative multi-agent systems

    L. Li, A. Martinoli and Y. Abu-Mostafa
    Diversity and specialization in collaborative swarm systems

12:00 Lunch: Tasty tidbits at TSRB
13:00 Presentations: Computer science applied to biology
    S. Joshi & J. Schank
    Of rats and robots: a new biorobotics study of social behavior in Norway rat pups

    S. Scholes, M. Wilsion, A. Sendova-Franks, C. Melhuish
    Evolution versus engineering: the collective intelligence of sorting

    T. Balch, A. Feldman and Z. Khan
    Automatic classification of insect behavior using computer vision and behavior recognition

14:00 Human swarm demonstration by M. Kirschenbaum, L. Seiter, and D. Palmer
14:30 Break: Biscuits and tea
14:45 Presentations: Social animal behavior I
    A. Dornhaus & N. Franks
    Rules of decision making: trade offs in collective house hunting

    Sam Beshers
    Undertaking in the leaf-cutting ant Atta colombica and the behavioral design of social insect colonies

    T. Brown
    Modeling communication, task allocation and self-organization in new world army ant swarms

    D. Merkle & M. Middendorf
    Dynamic polyethism in social insect studies-a simulation study

Tuesday Evening
17:00 Poster session & social: Cash bar in the Grand Ballroom at the Georgian Terrace
18:30 Banquet in the Grand Ballroom at the Georgian Terrace
What is it like to be a robot? performed by Tom Sgouros

08:30 Registration and coffee at TSRB
09:00 Invited speaker
    Eric Bonabeau
    Swarm intelligence
09:50 Presentations: Social animal behavior II

    J. Buhl, J. Gautrais, A. Berriau, P. Kuntz, J.L. Deneubourg & G. Theraulaz
    How do scale-free topologies emerge in growing ant galleries networks?

    S. Pratt
    Detection of a nestmate quorum via encounter rates in the ant Leptothorax albipennis

10:30 Break: same ol' same ol'
10:45 Presentations: Social robot behavior II
    A. Muhammad & M. Egerstedt
    Topological structures in multiple robot formations

    L. Panait, S. Luke
    Evolving foraging behaviors

    P. Ulam and T. Balch
    Niche selection for foraging tasks in multi-robot teams using reinforcement learning

11:45 Lunch: Lasagne and veggies with agent sauce at TSRB
12:45 Invited speaker
    Guy Theraulaz
    Aggregation dynamics, pattern formation and collective decision-making in pre-social and social insects
13:30 Presentations: Swarm intelligence
    A. Umre
    Cost/benefit of cooperation: information dissemination in distributed systems

    C. Anderson
    Linking micro to macro-level behavior in multiagent systems: a preliminary analysis of the aggressor-defender game

14:15 Break
14:30 Presentations: Social animal behavior III

    Z. Reznikova & B. Ryabko
    In the shadow of a binary tree: ants and bits

    T. Schmickl & K. Crailshaim
    Simulating the cost of dynamic and decentralised foraging decisions

15:10 Closing remarks by Carl & Tucker
18:00 Farewell get together at the Georgian Terrace Hotel